Your wedding day should be as important  to your dj as it is to you.

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 DJ Solutions will take your wedding just as serious as you want it to be. We have alot of pride in being more detail oriented than the "average dj". There are alot of average dj's willing to do the average wedding for you. Do you really want an "average wedding", or do you want a wedding that you and your loved ones will remember?

       It's the small things that if left out will really make a big difference. Things like how your emcee announces all your chosen special events. Do you want a dj that says "it's time for the father daughter dance, will the bride and her father please come out to the dance floor".......OR would you rather have something like," We are about to have a very special dance. Bob would you please escort your daughter Sally to the dancefloor. Sally told me that she really wanted you to know that your not losing a daughter tonight, but instead you are gaining a son. She also wanted you to know that she will always be Daddy's little girl"....then the song "daddys' little girl" starts playing.

        The small things make such a big difference. It's all in the planning phase of your reception where the differences are made. Anyone at your wedding can announce dance after dance....not too hard. But, to really do it with class and bring out the emotions of that day for you and your loved ones attending is what makes a wedding day unique and memorable or just "another wedding".

       When you chose DJ Solutions for your wedding reception, you will have me, the owner of the company not a subcontracted dj.  I will both dress according to your wishes. Anything from the formal tuxedo all the way down to shorts and t-shirts for a less formal wedding. Whatever it is you wish to have as your vibe for the reception.

       DJ Solutions will spend hours planning every detail of your wedding reception for you. We will listen to what you have planned or we can help suggest things for you, assisting in your planning.If you want less of a role we can supply you with a few options and all you do is select what you want, all the planning is done for you.

     Whatever your style, whatever your wish is, DJ Solutions is your entertainment solution. Fun and elegant events start with quality entertainment.


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All packages come with unlimited phone calls and e-mails. Packages are based on a 50 mile service area from Bell, Fl., further distance may have additional costs.




Basic Package

4 hours DJ/MC

1 consultation

*Contact for prices*

 The consultation is an in person consultation to help prepare or answer any questions about your reception.


Deluxe Package

All of the above, plus........

2 LED lights

1 consultation

*Contact for prices*

This package comes with a medium light package. 2 LED lights, which can be seen in our pictures.  All lights will be attached to a T-stand. The consultation is an in person consultation to help prepare or answer any questions about your reception.


Supreme Package

4 hours DJ/MC

Strobe light & mood lighting

3 LED lights & 2 Special effects lights 

Up to 2 consultations

*Contact for prices*

This package comes with a large light package. One 900 watt strobe light, mood lighting and 3 LED lights.  All lights will be attached to a trussing system and will be controlled by a lighting controller.On this package we cover our truss with a very nice black valance, so we "hide" all of our wires. That way you get a classier look to your reception. The consultation is an in person consultation to help prepare or answer any questions about your reception.




Up to 5 hours DJ/MC & Karaoke 

Strobe light & mood lighting

3 LED lights & 2 special effects lights

1 green laser light with fog (where available)

Blacklight cannon & Bubble machine

Giveaway package: glowstick necklaces and bracelets as well as inflatable mics & guitars to be given to the crowd during certain songs. Village people headwear for 4 or 5 volunteers to lead the "YMCA". Other hats to be given out during other dances. Giveaways are for approximately 50-75 guests. All props given out are for the guests to keep as a souveneir of your wedding.

You can receive quite a bit of assistance in planning or just alot of extra attention shown to your reception with up to 3 consultations included in this package.

Also included are 2 special voiceovers dedications. (ask about info on these. They are amazing at weddings)


*Call for pricing*


Of course options are always available to totally customize your packages. These are just a few of our most common packages.



Some extras we offer:

Photo Montage with projector and 6' x 8' screen

We now offer photo montages for your reception. Provide us with as many as 50 digital photos and we will create a custom slideshow with musical backgrounds and smooth transitions. All shown on a 6' x 8' screen. Add more photos for an additional $1 per photo.


*Contact for pricing*



Music videos with projector and 6' x 8' screen

We can show music videos during appropriate times at your reception. We carry over 1,000 music videos in our library and are always adding more. These videos will be shown on a 6' x 8' video screen and mixed with smooth transitions using a dj video mixing program.

*Contact for pricing*


 Glowstick Necklaces

24" necklaces that be taken apart and formed into many different things. (bracelets, chains, headbands, etc)

*Contact for pricing*


Blacklight Cannon

400 watt blacklight cannon. We also carry hats and props that glow under this light. The glowing gangsta hats passed out during mambo #5 is always a hit!

*Contact for pricing*



Voiceover Dedications

These are just what you need to send that special message during your event.

 We can take a digital recording of you and lay it over the beginning of a song, or anywhere in the song you wish to have it, then bring the volume of the song up to match where your dedication was.

These are great for father/daughter dances or any of the special dances at your reception.We can create a special dance for anyone that you wish to share a special moment with at your wedding reception. You can either provide us with a digital recording or we can come to you and make a personal recording. **ASK ABOUT PRICING**






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